Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Bringing About Change in Your Life and Theirs..

My inspiration for writing this goes to my visit to Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre today...and meeting the homeless, abandoned, helpless animals there. Such is their plight that they can’t walk properly, some of them can’t even see properly and some, who are not suffering from any major illness, suffer from plain hunger! In words of Martin Buber: “An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.” ...It is up to us to respond to them..

Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre, located in West Delhi, is a charitable organization, which provides medical assistance and shelter to these animals and takes very good care of them. However, how is the organization to survive if we as a society don’t lend a helping hand toward its functioning?
The worst fact about many of the poor souls at the shelter (especially the dogs and cats) is that they have actually been abandoned due to various reasons by the heartless people that they loved and regarded as their family! How can these people forget that these silent fur kids also have a heart and that leaving them alone would further push them into depression, leading to a worse state of health! True, many families cannot adopt pets due to their own varying circumstances. However, the least we all can do is to spread awareness and stand up for animal rights to change their present condition and to work towards making their lives worthwhile in whatever manner possible, no matter how small it may be. For instance, the Sanjay Gandhi shelter provides facility for feeding the cows and cattle feed is available at the shelter itself for donation purposes. Feeding the cows once every month is not a very difficult task for anyone - it might only mean sacrificing one dish at a dinner at a good restaurant per month! It is as easy to help and provide for the dogs and cats and people can simply contribute packets of milk and loaves of bread as per their budget. 

While I was at the hospital today, waiting for the cows to finish their food, I couldn’t help clicking a picture of them, and then thought of sharing the pictures here with you all..Just have a look at this...:)

It was at this time that a very small puppy also came towards me and as I began to pet him, he started wagging his tail. Such was the joy I felt that I couldn’t stop playing with him despite my mom’s constant nagging! I know it was very silly of me but I even started imagining the wagging tails of cows as a sign of their happiness...I could see Chip had wings and was flying over the rainbow bridge over the hospital building! With a calm expression in his eyes and a smiling face, Mr.Chip tells me to remember him happily...Everytime I visit the shelter, I am transported to another world altogether - a world that I share with the most selfless living beings on earth, a world which is so happy and pure, a world which is so mighty and complete in itself, a world waiting out there for all of you to explore and experience too!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Fur Children..The Gods of Frolic!

One year of cajoling my parents into buying a puppy, I finally got one when I was in tenth standard. A black Labrador, he was the quietest, the most shy in the litter. However, it was only a few days’ time before I was to discover that the first impression is not always the last, as the timid little new family member gradually came to be known as the sher of the entire locality. The first time he walked two steps on his tiny paws, the first time he yawned or coughed, his first bark, the first time he jumped on top of me to greet me as I came back home from school – life became full of exciting landmarks! Chip was such a bundle of joy. That was the time when I actually began to realize that dogs actually are Gods of frolic! 

Chip became the most intrinsic part of our lives and will live on forever in our hearts. His place cannot be taken by anyone; however, after he left, the support we got from the stray dogs in our locality was immense. They have always greeted us like family. In fact, I have found in them my dearest friends! Two of them, Kaalu and Daisy, though stray dogs, actually behave like family members. They respond to names we have given them and come running to greet me affectionately at our gate from whatever corner of the locality they are roaming in. They are always around to play with me, to comfort me and cheer me up whenever I am low or upset. They have abundant love to offer to make one complete. Being the selfless creatures that they are, they expect nothing in return but a little love and care. Giving them milk and food everyday is something which has become a very essential part of my life.  Giving a little love and a little care to these helpless creatures will undoubtedly help towards making the world a better place to live in. Each of God’s creations is special and deserves love, care and a healthy environment. 

I, having had a pet of my own and having interacted with the community pets as well, have realized how important it is for each of us to lend a helping hand towards making our society a better place for the underprivileged. Small steps like feeding and petting the stray dogs, getting them vaccinated and spreading awareness about them can bring a huge difference in their lives. After all, their love is unconditional too, not to mention their loyalty and sincerity. I am amazed with the way Kaalu and Daisy dedicatedly follow me every day from home to the nearby dairy and grocery store, keep waiting all the while I am inside and then come back home with me!

There might be some of you who are not able to give home to pets due to various practical problems. Such people can try and help the community dogs to whatever extent possible. After all, there can never be a limit to doing well. And you don’t even have to search for them too far; you can find them anywhere- they could be found in your colony, at your college or office parking lots or maybe sleeping under your own car! All it requires is a nudge of our conscience, to understand their pain and needs and above all, their want of love; the infinite love we’ll get in return will be priceless!