Monday, 5 September 2011

It's magic..!It's magic!

..It is amazing how certain experiences in one's life can change one's perspective and attitude toward a lot of other things. I really don't mean to give some philosophical fundamental as I begin my blog with this statement. Rather, I'm hoping it will make some of you smile and give all those animal lovers out there a pleasant read!

So, we have a mouse in our house, who's causing heaps of trouble to all of us here for quite some time now. S/he is living up to everybody's expectations in being so troublesome by eating every single thing we try to hide from him/her. Despite my understanding of, interest in and love for animals, I am not very clear of this little creature's gender for which I would like to apologize from him/her. Nevertheless, at present my focus is not going to be on his (as one of god's creation in general) gender but his wishful thinking and his clever and efficient techniques which help him achieve all his 'goals.'

Thanks to him, I have HOLES in some of my very favourite clothes. However, the most unbelievable part of his adventures was the fact that he actually had the guts to climb and reach the dining table one day and eat the mangoes kept there. This is no ordinary mouse. We've been trying to hunt him down but haven't been successful. The other day, we finally got him when he tried to eat the chappati in the mouse trap. However, it was not long before we could celebrate; he ate the chappati and very skilfully escaped! :o
The time when he was inside the trap, Dad said, "When you leave him out, make sure you keep a mango on the side so that he can have it!"
I couldn't imagine anyone in my house, except me, could talk like this. I was so happy to hear this because it wasn't just a joke for me; it meant a lot more. It was symbolic of the compassion and care that Dad now has for animals. It clearly reflected the soft corner he has for these silent and innocent souls. And I'm also sure of the fact that Dad wouldn't have said anything like this had this incident happened 7 years ago. I have no option now but to believe that all of it has been Chip's doing. He has taken such a place in everybody's heart that whatever we thought was impossible earlier, is now, the reality of life. Again, I have very strong reasons to believe that Chip was magical and such transformation of my Dad's, or for that matter, each of my family member's heart is Chip's magic.
Reverting back to where I started, I want to say that Chip happened to all of us and he brought with him such beautiful moments and such positive energy that our experiences with him have made us learn a lot about life which couldn't have been possible otherwise. Moreover, these experiences have shaped our outlook toward this world and all of God's creations. We were touched by him and were blessed to have him.