Monday, 4 July 2011

To be, or not to be...

I'm missing Chip alot..really...I need ways to reach him..I tried trying blogger...also tried just talking to does one reach where one wants to?...
Or maybe I have reached the place..perhaps he can read everything I'm writing or even my thoughts before I put them down here..but how do I get the assurance? ..Or maybe no assurance is then why is everything so incomplete?
..Seeing every second person with fur kids in NY is really wonderful...I wish I could also take Chip to with him in his old alot more for him!Noone can change what's written in destiny
...NY has dog parks,NY has separate menus for pets in some restaurants,NY allows you to go shopping with your fur kids,NY lets you share the best times of your lives with your pets,without any constraints...and I'm sure there's alot more that I must be unaware of...Hoping to see all of this someday in India..And I hope you guys would agree with me regarding this...
Maybe Chip would do some magic from up there and get all of this happening...!

Oh how..but how am I to fill this void?


  1. I'm sure every dog lover can relate to this...
    n chip is watching u always...n hoping to see u happy.! :) :)

  2. you gave chip the best life you could and even after him you keep him alive in your memory and work for his less fortunate counterparts wherever chip is he is full of love towards you and wagging his tail hard