Saturday, 10 December 2011

Christmas is joy...and Christmas is fun!

Christmas is surely a time for fun, frolic and gifts! Along with wishing that Santa would fill our stocking, we must not forget that we too have to do the same for someone! You guessed it right - our dear and most adorable pets! This year, I plan to get fur coats, quilts, chicken flavoured biscuits, some milk cartons, loaves of bread, and huge bundles full of love and joy for them! Also, it would be great to have all of you out there get at least one of these things for these silent and innocent souls. My indication is towards the stray animals and the act of loving and accepting them as pets by us.

In words of Yogiraj Mumtaz Ali, “When you serve a less fortunate person in any way — material or spiritual — you are not doing him or her a favour. In fact, the one who receives your help does you a favour by accepting what you give, and thereby helps you to evolve and move closer to the divine, blissful being, who in reality is within all.”

You can make the festive season special for yourself and for many others by simply adopting these little measures and loving those animals as your very own family members! What can be a better gift than this for those beings who don’t even have a place which they can call home? 

Let's be their Santa...let's spread love! Happy Christmas!