Saturday, 2 August 2014

For The Fur Kids Charity Event

A thousand discussions, months of preparations and hours of planning the prices and decorating our drawing room - this is what went into the success of the first ever charity event by For The Fur Kids. Yes, it is with great happiness that I can say that the event was a success :-) 

This is what the room looked like after we had set up everything:

For those of you who missed seeing the invitation, here it is:

Yes, I should have written about the event two months back but we had received some orders from the sale and I was busy completing those. Got done with everything last week and here I am, sharing the story of THE Charity Event with you. 

My sister Anubha used to make beautiful sagan envelopes in her free time - and that's where the idea came from. This was the first product we decided to keep for our event. Anubha designed all sagan envelopes and boy, how everyone loved her designs! :-)

Want to see how they looked like? 

She also gave me the inspiration to start quilling and I made some quilling envelopes for the sale. Couldn't make more than 12, but was really excited for all I could make! Here are some of them:

What next? With both Anubha and I being bookworms, the answer to this question wasn't tough and we started working towards having our little collection of bookmarks. Harry Potter, warli, dog love and reading - these were the themes we picked. A BIG thank you to Namrata once again for making so many bookmarks for us <3

Apart from handmade envelopes and bookmarks, we had junk jewellery, jewellery boxes, stoles and other such trinkets on sale. However, on the night before the charity event, Anubha suggested that we could make greeting cards from some colourful sheets of paper we had. We spent the night adding price tags, packing envelopes,  decorating the room and putting up dog pictures, and of course making greeting cards! 

The satisfaction of a thought becoming an idea and finally, a full-fledged event is immense. It was also very touching to see the support that everyone in the family gave. Dad and Bhaiyya did all the running around and handled the financial bit. Did I mention that Mom made beautiful handmade paper bags on her own? 

This was not just an event for me but another step towards animal welfare which is what made it so special.

All proceeds from here will go to Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre. Will be back in a week's time to tell you how the visit was!