Friday, 17 May 2013

Dear Dogs...I Love You!

My sister-friend recently shared an article which listed some qualities about dogs, something which truly expressed my feelings too. Needless to say, all of them are absolutely true. I feel sad about not penning them down earlier but nevertheless, I am happy I got a chance now.

1.       Regular dog walking improves fitness levels.
It sure does. With Chip, I used to happily go for a walk every evening and seldom in the mornings too. And of course, the running around all day after the little baby. That saved me from becoming TOO fat and kept me healthy. And now, it seems like an effort...going for a walk, exercising…and the result DISAPPOINTS me! :o 
Tired Chip....after a walk :)
2.       Patting a dog lowers your blood pressure, therefore lowering your chances of cardiovascular disease.
WOW. I am so glad Mr. Chip happened to me. J And very happy that Mr. Kalu and Ms Daisy let me do it too :p


3.       Kids have fewer sick days off of school.
Well, we adopted Chip when I was in 10th standard…And after that, I only took those offs to play with the little baby! 

Playing with Chip :)
4.       Dog owners often recover faster from illnesses.
Thank you Dr. Chip, for being there. Thank you Dr. Kalu and Dr. Daisy for taking such good care of me! *much love*

Dr. Chip!
5.       Children with dogs tend to have better self-esteem.
A great tip for all the parents out there!

6.       Owning a dog can alleviate symptoms of seasonal affective disorder or depression.
Now I know why I was so happy all the time when the little baby was around. I never hated those winter evenings and loved going out with Chip even when it was dark. I can never thank you enough for the wonderful times you have given me little Chip. And I am sure you are passing on the love to everyone up there. You are truly an angel.

Little Chip!
Hope you enjoyed reading this and are doubly sure about the benefits of adopting a dog now. :)


  1. Wow! Relived the wonderful times we've spent with Chip! <3 :)

  2. Aaaaaaaw :) No love like dog love :) Dr Chip is rather cute!

  3. True true! No love like dog love, really!