Saturday, 21 December 2013

A Christmas Wishlist For Dogs

While all of you are busy making your own wishlists and dreaming of gifts Santa might get for you, how about giving the homeless animals around you some love on Christmas too? Here’s some food for thought for all of you…for each one of you is a Santa for the four-legged angels around you. You have the power to make someone smile…will you? J

This Christmas wishlist is as simple as life could get. No big demands, no love for money, no wish to compete with the fast pace of life. Just a little love, a little bit of care and some pampering…Nothing more, nothing less.

Wish #1

I want neither diamond nor any gold
All I wish for is a sweater to stand the cold 

Wish #2

Warmth and comfort as it is said
One can only get with a cosy bed

Wish #3

Day or night - when all alone you have to roam
Then you know how vital it is to have a home

 Wish #4

All through the year, I have been loving and good
Will you love me back for I have always by you stood?

Wish #5

Food when I’m hungry and light when I’m lost
I know you’ll be there for everything,
I have my fingers crossed!

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